Want to elegantly mix your calendar and task list together? Check out Fantastical 2

Doesn’t it make a certain amount of sense to put calendar events and to-do items together? After all, both have a time-based component to them. That’s exactly what Fantastical did on iOS(s aapl) last year and does again in its latest release, Fantastical 2. The new version is now available in the iTunes App Store for a special launch price of $2.99.

Fantastical 2 is revamped for iOS 7 but retains many of the key features that made its predecessor so popular. In one single view called the “Day Ticker” you can get your daily schedule along with any tasks you have on your plate for the day. Not everyone actually schedules tasks, so if you don’t fall into that category, this may not be an optimal solution. However, I find myself actually getting more things done when I truly manage my tasks instead of keeping them on an ever-growing list.

It’s easier to add events or tasks in the new version as well thanks to some improved natural language processing and parsing. Start off by saying “remind me to…..” and you can create a reminder task, for example. Speaking of reminders, you can make them time-based or location-based. And if you want to dictate your tasks, events, alerts or reminders, you can do that too. Including location info in an event will also show a little map preview of the appointment; super handy.

Much like Apple’s own Calendar for iOS, turning your iPhone to landscape mode creates a weekly view. And if Apple’s Calendar supports a calendar service, so too does Fantastical 2: You can use it with Google(s goog) Calendar, iCloud, and Microsoft(s msft) Exchange to name a few. Calendar events and reminders will also sync in the background so the app should almost always have your latest information available.

Some who bought Fantastical last year may be put off by having to purchase the next version instead of getting a free update, but the special launch pricing should ease some of that pain. The normal price of Fantastical 2 is $4.99, so you can save $2 by jumping on it early.