Announcing the Roadmap after party!

Our experience design conference Roadmap is just a couple days away (next week on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco), and we’re excited to announce that in partnership with design firm Fjord we’ll have an official after party on the night of November 5th a couple blocks from the conference venue. The Roadmap After Party will kick off at 7pm (until 9PM) at the 46 Minna Gallery (the one right next to the secret Blue Bottle stand on Minna), and you’ll need a Roadmap conference badge to get in. Space is limited, so it’s open till it’s full!

If you come, you’ll get to see Om pull this dance move:

dance gif

Also this guy will be there:

dance GIF

Check out the full schedule and speakers at Roadmap, and come join us.

RoadMap 2013