Google launches accessory store for Glass Explorers

Google(s goog) has quietly launched an accessory store for Glass Explorers. The store went live last night, though you can only access it if you’re already a Glass-carrying member of Google’s Explorer program. Marketing Land snagged the photo of the store below.

Right now the store is only home to a few items, including an extra mono earbud, a clear shield, an extra cable and charger, and an extra pouch. But aside from the clear shield, the site lists the other three items as being out of stock. Google also mentions a sunglass accessory from Maui Jim and Zeal Optics on its help site, but it isn’t yet available in the accessory store.

Glass store full

The prices are quite high for what is listed: $50 for the micro-fiber Glass pouch strikes me as particularly egregious. Then again, it already cost $1,500 to become an explorer, so what’s $50 for an extra charger?

Google recently expanded its Glass program, and will soon be allowing current Explorers to invite three others to join. Google is also swapping out the hardware for current Glass owners to its latest version, which has a mono earbud and support for sunglass shades and prescription frames.