iPad mini with retina display tipped for November 21 release date

When Apple(s aapl) announced the iPad mini with retina display, it didn’t set a firm release date, stating only that the tablet would become available at some point in November. Now, on the eve of the iPad Air’s release, MacRumors has noted that a product listing on Target’s(s tgt) website shows a release date for the new iPad mini of November 21.

It’s possible that November 21 is just an educated estimate on Target’s part. But it also makes sense for Apple to release the tablet a week before Thanksgiving and the big Black Friday holiday shopping rush. The only thing I question is that November 21 is a Thursday, and Apple typically releases its new products on Friday. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the tablet appear on either November 21 or the day after.

Apple has reportedly held back the release date for the new iPad mini due to manufacturing issues, and when it is release, supplies are believed to be “ridiculously tight.” So no matter when Apple releases the new tablet, it might be difficult to find if you’re planning to buy one in time for the holiday season.

You can see the release date at the very bottom of Target’s product listing below:

iPad mini Target release date