Pandora’s iOS and Android apps now support Google’s Chromecast streaming stick

Pandora (S P) added Chromecast support to its iOS and Android apps Thursday, making it possible to launch personalized radio stations straight from an iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device on a TV that’s equipped with Google’s (S GOOG) streaming adapter.

Users have full access to all features of the service’s mobile apps, including the ability to skip songs or rate them with Pandora’s thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons. Mobile devices can be used for other purposes, or even turned off, once a station plays on the TV. And users can easily switch between personalized stations of multiple family members since no additional authentication is necessary to play content via Chromecast.

Gigaom readers won’t be too surprised by the timing of the announcement: A week ago, we reported that Google had started to add references to Pandora support to its website, suggesting that a launch of the app was imminent.

Pandora marks the second major new partner announcement for Chromecast since Google first introduced the streaming stick in July. At launch, Chromecast only provided access to Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies. Earlier this month, Hulu Plus also became available for the device.

Google plans to eventually make many more apps available for Chromecast, but the company has been slow to add new services. Google representatives have said in the past that this is because the Chromecast API is still a work in progress.

For Pandora, Chromecast seems like an ideal match. Not only is Pandora one of the most popular apps on most connected devices, but the company has also shifted development in the TV space from platform-specific native apps to HTML apps that run on a variety of devices. And Pandora CTO Tom Conrad told me that the TV is a perfect match for Pandora. “It’s the device in your home that has the best set of speakers attached to it,” he said.