The missing link in mobile

More and more, we rely on our mobile devices, with much of our lives revolving around our smartphones and tablets. But there’s one area that no one has been able to solve: handwriting.

“Our research indicates that more than 60% of tablet and smartphone owners primarily use pen and paper to take notes. Yet, the majority of them want access to those notes on their devices,” says Gilles Bouchard, the CEO of Livescribe. “People are trying other ways to achieve that, but they are coming to the same conclusion that we have — nothing beats pen and paper.”

It’s not just Livescribe that is coming to this conclusion. According to research from the University of Texas, taking notes on paper can be twice as fast as typing on a laptop. Writing or typing directly on tablets and smartphones have even greater challenges. Writing on paper is faster, more accurate and, perhaps most importantly, allows you to look colleagues in the eye while they speak, and eye contact is crucial in business.

The biggest hurdle is how you get all those pages onto your mobile devices. That’s where Livescribe steps in. The company’s latest offering, the Livescribe 3 smartpen, connects directly to your iPad or iPhone and syncs everything from paper into the Livescribe+ mobile app, where notes can be organized, tagged, searched and converted to text. Click here for more information.