Andrew Sullivan’s Dish hits 30,880 subs and $791k in revenue, with jump thanks to government shutdown

Andrew Sullivan, who took his popular politics blog the Dish independent and added a metered paywall in January, hoped to pull in $900,000 in subscription revenues to keep the site up and running in 2013. So how’s the site doing? Sullivan posted an update Friday:

“We’re at $791K at ten months. So we have two months to raise $110,000. It’s a tall order, because the average monthly revenue since March has been $18,000. If we keep going at the current pace, we’ll be lucky to make it to $830K by year’s end. Not bad and not fatal, since I’m not taking any salary or profits from the Dish this year. But we’re not quitters – and still want to reach our target.”

The site is up to 30,880 subscribers paying $19.99 per year or $1.99 per month for unlimited access. (Non-subscribers can read five longer articles every sixty days before hitting the meter; the Dish is also completely free through RSS.) And October saw a surge in membership, for which you can thank or blame the government shutdown:

the dish government shutdown

In an effort to reach that $900,000 goal — which Sullivan had said in May appeared “unlikely,” but which now seems within reach — The Dish is going to start running house ads, which only non-subscribers will see, “aimed solely at getting new subscribers in the next two months. Every other website has them as a constant – and we’d need to do much less begging in posts like this one in future.”