Bracing for the OpenStack deluge

Here they come. The OpenStack faithful are gathering in Hong Kong this week at the OpenStack Summit, hoping to show how the open-source cloud stack has matured enough for use by real-life customers. And they have a raft of press releases queued to tout their own efforts there — plus, undoubtedly, some counter-programming from Amazon(s amzn) Web Services which is hosting a little shindig of its own in Las Vegas next week.

Here’s what’s come across my desk thus far:

  • Chinese networking giant Huawei and tech conglomerate Hitachi, as well as Aptira are now full-fledged Gold members of the OpenStack Foundation, the governing body behind the open-source cloud.
  • Cisco Systems(s csco) has three new OpenStack accelerators — for compute-intensive, storage-intensive and mixed-use loads — for use on its UCS hardware. Buyers can choose among distros from Red Hat(s rhat), Canonical,  or SUSE “or other ecosystem partners.” More broadly,  Lew Tucker, Cisco’s VP of cloud said the company will rely more on OpenStack internally but will continue to support four sets of cloud infrastructures — VMware(s vmw), Microsoft(s msft), CloudStack and OpenStack — for customers. That’s a big support load, but also a potentially rich source of services revenue.
  • GigaSpaces Technology and Nebula are collaborating to make it easier to set up an OpenStack-based private cloud and then move their applications to that cloud without a ton of rewrites or heavy lifting. GigaSpace’s Cloudify application management software claims to automate the setup, deployment, monitoring  processes of the applications — a tall order.
  • Last week, Cloudscaling beat the rush by announcing OCSgo, a free evaluation version of its Open Cloud System (OCS) software. Businesses can test their applications in an OCS-based a private cloud configuration or in a hybrid cloud paired wit either AWS or Google Compute Engine (GCE.)

But this is just the beginning folks. Stay tuned for a barrage of news from Rackspace(s rax), Red Hat, IBM(s ibm) — insert-your-favorite-OpenStack-player-name-here.


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Note: This story was updated at 12:36 p.m. PST to reflect that Aptira is also gold sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation