Netflix cloud exec Ariel Tseitlin joins Scale Venture Partners

After nearly three years as director of cloud solutions at Netflix, Ariel Tseitlin is moving over to help fund and advise startups as a venture partner at Scale Venture Partners.

If you’re a developer fond of using Netflix(s nflx) Chaos Monkey or Asgard to help troubleshoot or deploy your cloud applications, you’ve probably heard of Tseitlin. He helped build and make those tools broadly available as part of the company’s open source software (OSS) vision.

Ariel Tseitlin

Tseitlin sees a couple of trends driving the market that will inform his investments including the ability to source nearly everything from storage to real-time messaging to A/B testing as a service; the manageability challenges that using all those multi-vendor services pose tocustomers; and the continuing explosion of data.

He also sees more companies realizing — as Netflix did years ago — that when it comes to the infrastructure needed to run the business, it doesn’t make sense to build it yourself if you can buy it or rent it. Better to do that and reserve your own resources to build stuff atop all that scaffolding.

The promise of cloud is that if there’s a common task to be done, it’s already been done and offered as a service. “When it comes to user management, everyone does that so why should you?,” he said.

And just as Netflix realized that its customer data could drive more business and customer satisfaction with online recommendations, nearly every business can reap analogous rewards there. “That trend won’t be limited to innovative tech companies but permeates all businesses whether they are online or brick-and-mortar,” he said.

Scale Venture Partners is a Foster City, Calif., firm that has invested in Box, DocuSign, Pubnub, Boundary, DataStax and ExactTarget, which bought in June for $2.5 billion.