Independent research study, “Big data: a look at the real costs”

Richard Winter of WinterCorp has been the top expert and leading consulting firm aimed solely at massively parallel analytic systems for the past decade. Winter has spent the past year developing an independent cost model that compares Hadoop to a traditional data warehouse.

Bob Page, the VP of Products for Hortonworks, has extensive experience in implementing big data projects. Prior to joining Hortonworks, Page was the VP of Analytics platform and delivery at eBay, where he managed and evolved eBay’s data efforts, data and analytics platforms, applications, and services, including one of the industry’s largest Apache Hadoop deployments.

This interactive discussion will provide insight from industry experts on  the most cost-efficient place to run your workload, EDW, Hadoop or both.

Join our webcast to find out:

  • What workloads are best suited for Hadoop, which ones for the data warehouse and why?
  • Which big data solution makes the most sense for specific analytic applications?
  • What is the model you should be using to optimize total cost, risk and time to value for your organization?

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