Industrial Internet startup Seeq raises $6 million

Seeq, a Seattle-based startup founded by the former CEO of drone manufacturer Insitu, has raised a $6 million series A round of venture capital. Second Avenue Partners led the round with participation from Madrona Venture Group, Clear Fir Partners and a handful of individual investors.

The company launched in May and its product seems to still be under development, but the premise appears to be that the company will provide customers with customized architectures for capturing and consolidating data from their industrial processes. “Industrial process data involves streams of time-series data, events, and signals, as well as related contextual data from other systems used by production and manufacturing organizations,” according to a press release announcing the funding.

Seeq’s executives should know a thing or two this type of data. Founder and CEO Steve Sliwa and VP of Engineering Mark Derbecker both came from Insitu, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems (or drones) that Boeing acquired in 2011. SVP of Product John Peterson comes from streaming-data specialist OSIsoft, while Seeq’s early engineers have experience at places such as NASA and The Aerospace Corporation.

The business of capturing and analyzing data from sensors and other industrial equipment is now becoming big business, of course. GE is famously leading the charge and has even released a platform dedicated to this task, while startups and even established non-software companies such as forklift manufacturers are also getting into the act.

Feature image courtesy of Shutterstock user tuulijumala.