Leanplum makes mobile A/B testing broadly available

Leanplum‘s A/B testing SaaS product for mobile apps is now available to developers who sign up.

A/B testing is the process of putting out different versions of the same screen or screen elements and  gathering data on user reaction to the options. Large internet companies like Google spend a ton of time and resources A/B testing using their own tools but smaller concerns need options. For Web apps, options include  Optimizely and Adobe Systems’ (s adbe) Test and Target but A/B testing is less pervasive in the mobile apps world, said Leanplum co-founder and CEO Momchil Kyurkchiev.

“With a mobile shopping app, you want to show just the right amount of ads in the right location, Kyurkchiev said. Does the user leave the site after seeing the ad and never return or does does she click on it and stick around — that kind of thing. Leanplum’s service works with iOS, Android, and HTML 5 apps.

In the mobile realm, Leanplum competes with Pathmapp, Apptimize and Artisan.

Users can try it for free, but paid tiers of service start at $79 per month and rising depending on number of users supported.  A new Installer lets users start working with the Leanplum SDK without writing code.

The latest version fo the service also adds new filtering and grouping featuers and new visualization techniques including funnels, comparison graphs, stack graphs, and cohort analysis, according to a spokeswoman.