In the future, your home will be your family

The home of the future doesn’t have to be as sci-fi as you might think. While many picture a sterile, Star Trek-esque environment with plenty of chrome and knobs, both Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer at frog, and Anthony P. Uttley, VP and GM of ECC Homes Americas Region at Honeywell, agreed onstage at Roadmap 2013 that the home will use its intelligence to be more warm and inviting.

“It’s like your house is sitting, wagging its tail and waiting for you to come home,” Uttley explained.

And when you do get home, your house could conceivably do many things, such as adjusting the temperature (which happens today with the Nest) or configuring a lighting and blinds system. But the house of the future won’t just be smart — it’ll be everywhere.

“Siri for example, is stuck in a box,” Rolston explained. “Imagine how much it was able to solve if it could be all around you.”

Both Rolston and Uttley also discussed the possibility of an interface that only appears when summoned — perhaps via projection — and then retreats away from the surface to create a smart home that still looks like a traditional home.

“I can return to simplicity on the wall,” Uttley said, “And the complexity can go somewhere else.”

Both Rolston and Uttley said their companies are working towards achieving that kind of design — a unified experience that allows a homeowner to easily control everything about a house with a few buttons. But it will take a lot more cooperation from other companies to create a complete system that can easily orchestrate tasks — especially if the dream is to have the smart home follow you everywhere, and not just your home.

“Part of the beauty of having a connected environment is that it can know me, and it can get to my vehicle,” Uttley explained. “And my vehicle can know me, and then it gets to my work and my work knows me.”

Check out the rest of our Roadmap 2013 live coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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