Samsung exec: Pretty hardware is great, but in the end, it’s the services that matter most

Consumer behavior is changing — and manufacturers have to catch up, no matter whether they make fridges, phones or televisions. Samsung makes all of those, and Curtis Sasaki, SVP and Head of Samsung Media Solutions Center America, told his audience at Gigaom’s Roadmap conference in San Francisco Wednesday that paying attention to what’s actually going on in people’s home is one of the most important things for his company.

One of the examples quoted by Sasaki is the fridge, which has been basically unchanged ever since people started to refrigerate fresh foods. Nowadays, a lot of our food comes in various boxes and containers, but the inside of the fridge still looks like it looked like 30 years ago.

The same is true for TVs, he argued. Sure, TVs are increasingly connected, but the bigger question is about consumer behavior, Sasaki said: “What are they doing when they are sitting in front of their TV?” His answer: Viewers have already taken matters into their own hands, and use phones, tablets and now even smartwatches while also watching television.

So why not connect all these screens, and allow users to share photos, or even live Twitter feeds, from any of those small screens with the big screen? “We have to think about what the right use cases are across all of these devices,” he said, adding: “While hardware has to be beautiful, it’s really about creating the right sets of services.”

Check out the rest of our Roadmap 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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