RunKeeper update uses Apple’s M7 to passively track your daily walks

The newest version of RunKeeper for iOS(s aapl) now takes advantage of the iPhone 5s M7 motion co-processor, allowing your phone to automatically track any walks of 15 minutes or more during the day. Thanks to the M7, this activity takes place in the background and can be added to your RunKeeper activity log each day.

Using the M7 brings another advantage for running as well: Tracking cadence during a run. Your steps per minute are then included in the data of each running activity, alongside pace and elevation. Also in the latest update for iOS is support for AirDrop. With it, you can request to be RunKeeper friends with any nearby runners and wirelessly share workout plans.

As a long-time RunKeeper user — I pay yearly for the elite subscription plan — these are welcome additions. When Apple announced the M7 chip, I had hoped we’d see these types of uses in various apps. I particularly like the auto-tracking of walks in the background because I often start a short walk that turns into a long one. And because I didn’t plan for it, I miss out on tracking that activity. Now I won’t have to worry about actively tracking it since RunKeeper will do it automatically.