Watch: iPad Air torture test

If you just got a new iPad Air(s aapl), you might want to think about throwing some extra money down for an AppleCare+ plan as well. After watching the RatedRR torture test, it’s clear the tablet is quite delicate as the screen gets completely shattered after being dropped on a mound of dirt.


Around 50 seconds into the video you’ll see the initial dirt drop, which is a quick face-down fall from about five feet high. To be fair, it looks like a freshly tilled mound of dirt, with lots of little rocks in it. But the iPad Air’s screen is just completely destroyed.

The video doesn’t stop there, though. If you continue watching you’ll see the iPad Air dropped onto concrete, immersed in water, and, finally, completely blown apart by an AirSoft M7. If you’ve got a thing against Apple, you’ll probably want to watch all seven minutes.

I’d still be interested in seeing some less drastic torture tests, like how the tablet holds up when you’re sitting on the couch and it slides off your lap onto the floor. It’s clear the iPad Air isn’t as tough as its smaller relative, the iPhone 5s, but chances are far less likely you use it from a standing position. Or, you know, over a pile of dirt.