Catching up with OpenStack Summit — a news roundup

For those of us who could not get to Hong Kong for this week’s OpenStack Summit, here are some highlights out of that event.

OpenStack logo long

  • The seeming strength of interest in OpenStack among businesses in China surprised eWeek’s Sean Kerner. One of the concerns around OpenStack in the U.S. is that, while there’s a ton of vendor action, posturing and alliances all over the place, real customer adoption remains a concern going into year 4 of OpenStack’s existence.
  • The OpenStack PaaS picture got more interesting with news that Ubuntu is teaming up with Cloud Foundry to make sure the PaaS runs well on Ubuntu’s OpenStack distribution. That deal echoes an earlier pact between Piston and Cloud Foundry
  • There was considerable talk going into the show about whether OpenStack, an open-source framework for IaaS, will move “up the stack” to become a PaaS. That prompted worry that it will clash with its ecosystem partners building PaaS-like services atop OpenStack. Concerns were sparked by news before the show of Rackspace’s(s rax) Project Solum, which adds PaaS-like functions to OpenStack.
  • Rackspace beefed up its cloud servers with more virtual CPUs, SSDs and fat connectivity, in an attempt to move users from its bare metal servers to cloud.
  • Mirantis, not traditionally a big fan of VMware(s vmw), has apparently come around. It’s adding support for VMware vCenter and NSX technologies to Fuel, its OpenStack deployment tool. That means Fuel can automate the configuration of OpenStack Nova compute service with the vCenter server driver; ditto with OpenStack Neutron networking and the NSX driver; and for OpenStack Cinder Block Storage service with the VMDK datastore driver. Last year, Mirantis fought the addition of VMware to the OpenStack Foundation, and later touched off a firestorm when it said that PayPal(s ebay) was replacing VMware with OpenStack. 

Okay, got all that? Now on to next week’s AWS: Reinvent.

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