Jason Kilar’s secretive Fremont Project nabs more Hulu talent

It’s starting to become a pattern: Ex-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has recruited some more of his former co-workers to join him at his new startup, which is stealthily called the Fremont Project. Hulu’s Product VP Loon Lee jumped ship this week, according to AdAge, and a quick Linkedin search reveals that Hulu’s Head of Recruiting Megan Healey switched over to the Fremont Project this month as well.

At his new company, Lee will  join not only Kilar but also fellow former coworkers Richard Tom, who used to be Hulu’s founding CTO, and Jean-Paul Colaco, who ran Hulu’s ad business. Oh, and former Hulu Senior Software Developer Zachary Pinter joined the company in August as well.

It’s still unclear what exactly the Fremont Project is working on, but AdAge speculated that it may have something to do with mobile and video. The company has only said that it is a “consumer-focused venture,” and Colaco’s hire suggests that whatever it is working on will be ad-supported.

Speaking of hires: Kilar’s company recently put up one of those cute pre-interview puzzles to attract new talent. To the uninitiated, it looks like just a collection of random pages that prompt you to click through, but I suspect that the URLs of these pages contain some kind of clues. Either that, or there’s some secret message that’s only being revealed when you access from within Hulu’s intranet…