Misplaced your glasses? Phone Halo has a gadget that will track them

Phone Halo, maker of the TrackR location tags, has created a new kind of tracking gizmo targeted at those people who are constantly losing their spectacles and sunglasses.

Though Phone Halo says Glasses TrackR was designed with stealth in mind, it’s a bit hard to miss as you can see from the pictures. Then again Google Glass(s goog) is hardly discreet either. If you aren’t bothered by the extra appendage behind your ear, though, the device could be a useful way of keeping tabs on your eyewear.

Like Phone Halo’s other products, the device relies on Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect your smartphone, creating a proximity-based network that knows when your valuables and your smartphone stray too far from one another. If you forget to leave the house without your glasses, your phone will notify you. If you’re wearing your glasses and are about to leave your phone, the tracker will emit a quiet tone behind your ear.

Phone Halo Glasses TrackR rear view

You can manually initiate an alert on either device through a button on the TrackR or in Phone Halo’s smartphone app. And if you do wander out of Bluetooth range without your eyewear, TrackR will immediately drop a pin on a map indicating its last recorded location. The glasses tracker even makes use of Phone Halo’s crowdsourced location feature so if you really bung up and leave your glasses in a cab, other Phone Halo users will be able to detect it when they get nearby and send location data back to your app.

As with its other products, Wallet TrackR and Button TrackR, Phone Halo is launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 in funds and gauge interest in the Bluetooth device. You can buy the device for a $29 investment with delivery estimated in April.

Phone Halo, a finalist in Gigaom’s Mobilize Product Showcase, will likely have more products to show off in the next year, but these items won’t be on Indiegogo. Phone Halo CEO Chris Herbert told me that the company has deals with luggage and fashion companies to embed its trackers into bags and clothing accessories. The company’s goal isn’t to make a bunch of one-off devices, he said, rather it’s to build a big ecosystem of various Bluetooth-capable items that can all be tracked and managed from its central app.