Tablo and debut two new DVRs for cord cutters officially revealed more details on its new second-generation hardware on its new website Friday. The device, which is manufactured by SiliconDust and features two tuners, will go on sale for $250 in December – no surprises here for Gigaom readers, since we already reported most specs and pricing after a leak two weeks ago.

Perhaps more surprising is that will continue to sell its first-generation, single tuner hardware for $150. Service pricing also remains unchanged. A year of service costs $60, a lifetime subscription can be bought for $150. And there’s good news for new as well as existing users: The service’s iPad (S AAPL) app will soon get an overhaul that will allow users to download show recordings for offline viewing — good for long plane rides and other situations without connectivity.

But isn’t the only one trying to reinvent the DVR for cord cutters. Canada-based Nuvyyo launched an Indiegogo campaign for a similar product dubbed Tablo Friday. Tablo is also a networked DVR that streams to mobile devices as well as Roku and Chromecast. (S GOOG) Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall told me during an interview this week that Tablo will be available with both a two-tuner and a four-tuner version, with the company shooting for pricing around $200 and $250 respectively.

Hall said that Tablo was built from the ground up with tablet apps in mind, and that the device will enable both in-home and out-of-home streaming. “We really started with the tablet app,” he said. Nuvyyo will also charge Tablo users a service fee that has yet to be determined, but Hall said that he is aiming for half the price of a Netflix (S NFLX) subscription, which would put it at $4 a month.

Nuvyyo wants to use Indiegogo to get feedback on the product, explained Hall, adding that some features aren’t set in stone. Right now, Tablo’s box comes with Wifi but no internal hard drive, instead prompting users to connect their own drive via USB. But Hall said that he’d also consider building a version with hard drive if consumers demand it. Tablo wants to beta test its device through December and then start making it commercially available in January.

This post was updated at 9:30am with a clarification on the Tablo pricing.