Verizon appears ready to offer custom Moto X handsets (Update: It’s live!)

Based on a Verizon(s vz)(s vod) web page that was available on Sunday and later pulled down, it looks like the carrier will be soon offering MotoMaker: The online customization service for Google’s(s goog) Moto X handset. Product evangelist Guy Kawasaki shared the link to Verizon’s MotoMaker site on Google+. The site is no longer active, but this link address is clear evidence of MotoMaker support:

MotoX Verizon

Since the Moto X launch on August 23, only AT&T(s t) customers could customize the colors of their Moto X handset. All major U.S. carriers offer the phone, but without the MotoMaker service, the phones come in either white or black.

I’ve been hearing that November 11 — which is today — is the day in which other carriers gain MotoMaker. That’s a bit shy of a full three-month exclusive for AT&T, so it’s possible that MotoMaker doesn’t open up to Verizon and others for another week or two. But the timing does coincide with some recent price drops for the Moto X. The phone — originally priced at $199 with contract for a 16 GB model — is now $99 on contract. The unlocked full price developer edition is also $100 cheaper as of last week.

Moto X wood

We know that at some point the other carriers will get MotoMaker; that’s a given. I’m wondering if alongside the recent price drops and the expansion of the MotoMaker program, might Motorola also start offering the wood back options — likely a $50 addition — we saw at the product launch? My intuition says yes, if only because the timing is about right and because the combination of lower prices, wide MotoMaker support and wood back options could help boost sales as the handset enters its second three-month period of availability.

Update: Verizon, T-Mobile(s tmus) and Sprint (s s) customers can now customize their handsets on the MotoMaker website. The site went live as this post was being published. There are no wood back offerings yet, however.