Amazon to add Postgres to its most-favored database list

Amazon(s amzn) plans to add Postgres database support to its relational database service or RDS. That would putĀ Postgres (aka PostgreSQL) on an RDS roster that already includes MySQL, Microsoft(s msft) SQL Server, and Oracle(s orcl) databases.

That news is slated to come out at the AWS re:Invent show this week. Amazon did not respond to request for comment but sources said that open-source Postgres is definitely taking its place among top-tier supported databases in the RDS pantheon.

Amazon’s RDS service lets developers launch databases without having to sweat the details of how many servers need to be deployed etc. One show attendee said this would be a big deal in his shop because his DBAs prefer Postgres to MySQL. Before users could run Postgres on Amazon but it required a lot of fiddling and set up. If Postgres is an official RDS entry much of that busywork would disappear, he said.

Heroku(s crm) offers a popular managed Postgres offering, which it just updated with slick roll-back features earlier this week.

To many this is no-brainer. Amazon wants to support the databases that its developer audiences want to use. This is simply a Ā case of Amazon responding to user demand and oh-by-the-way making its cloud infrastructure more attractive to a specific target audience. Some say Postgres has gained traction since Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via its Sun buyout a few years back.