Why we are moving our media coverage over to Gigaom

As one of the last remaining independent tech media startups, we have a keen interest in the future of the media business. And, for that reason among many, Gigaom bought paidContent in March 2012 in order to bring increased coverage and a New York presence to our company. But we believe in looking forward and standing together, and in that spirit as of Tuesday we’re going to begin the process of closing down the paidContent website and moving that content over to Gigaom.

You’ve probably noticed our recent company rebranding, in which we sought to re-emphasize our blogging roots and organize our efforts around a common theme. This chapter is just part of that story; we want to be a unified company presenting one vision of the future of technology to our readers, and that involves aligning the way we present our content around a single brand.

paidContent has a rich legacy of cutting-edge media coverage, a place I called home for a little over a year before joining forces with Gigaom as part of our acquisition. And it has been a great fit, a blending of strong editorial cultures and values along with an East Coast presence that gives Om an excuse to watch the Yankees in person more often.

But in a recent survey of paidContent readers, over 75 percent of them told us that they wanted to see more coverage of emerging technology. That’s a natural fit with everything Gigaom stands for, and we therefore decided that honoring the same paidContent commitment to quality under the Gigaom umbrella was the best way to explore the future of emerging media startups, business models, and technologies for our media industry readers.

You’ll find the same content you found on paidContent under a new Gigaom channel called Media, in which Janko Roettgers will continue to define the cord-cutting movement, Laura Owen will explore the future of the printed word in a digital world, and Mathew Ingram will proselytize, antagonize, and philosophize about the intersection of journalism, social media, and whatever crosses his Twitter stream.

The site (and its rich archives) will remain at this URL for a few more weeks as we transition all of that content over to Gigaom, but this is the last post that we’ll publish on paidContent.

Thank you for your support of paidContent over the years, and stay tuned for more of the same content you’ve come to expect from the site over at Gigaom.