Wunderlist 3 will emerge in early 2014, supporting Windows Phone and Windows 8

The task-management tool Wunderlist will come to Windows(s msft) Phone and Windows 8 in the first quarter of 2014 with the release of Wunderlist 3, 6Wunderkinder chief Christian Reber has said.

Wunderlist 3 will generally aim to improve rather than evolve beyond its current functionality, Reber told me. He said the new version would be faster, more lightweight and stable. The Berlin startup might add a few features to Wunderlist Pro accounts “but it’s mainly about making everything that exists better,” he explained.

The app and its Pro version are currently used by around 6 million people and 50,000 teams and businesses (of 3 people or more) — according to 6Wunderkinder. There’s also been a 476 percent increase in-app daily activity since the start of this year. Wunderlist is available on iOS(s aapl), Android(s goog), Windows (the “classic” variety), Mac OS X and in the browser.

wunderlist-wp-featuredI spoke with Reber ahead of the official announcement on Tuesday of 6Wunderkinder’s funding by Sequoia Capital, the same venture capital firm that has invested in market-leading productivity apps Evernote and Dropbox. (Reports at the start of the month suggested it was a $30 million round but that’s actually the total amount 6Wunderkinder has raised to date; the round was worth $19 million.)

“With the kind of people they invest in, it was just a perfect fit,” Reber said. And the deal – Sequoia’s first investment in a German company — comes with plenty of firepower. For a start, Sequoia’s Michael Moritz, who became something of a legend through his backing of Google(s goog), Yahoo(s yhoo), LinkedIn(s lnkd) and PayPal(s ebay), is now on the 6Wunderkinder board.

6Wunderkinder is currently in the process of setting up an office in the Valley and scouting for someone to run it, but the main operations will remain in Berlin. “When we talked to Sequoia we made it clear that we don’t move offices or teams to the U.S.,” Reber said. “We’re keeping engineering, design and marketing here.” The U.S. office will handle business development, sales and probably customer support.

“I will split my time between both [countries],” Reber said, though he added: “The company needs a CEO who’s not on the plane the whole time.”