Amazon says CloudTrail will track all those API calls for risk-averse enterprises

That companies will move even mission-critical applications to the cloud is not a question of if but when, according to Andy Jassy. But of course he would say that, he’s the senior vice president of Amazon(S amzn) Web Services, the leading (by far) public cloud infrastructure.

At AWS Re:Invent on Wednesday, the company unveiled a couple of new services geared to appeal to those risk-averse businesses, including AWS CloudTrail  a service that logs all API calls for governance  and compliance reasons.

“It will log all your API calls, who’s making them, what they’re asking to change and what resources are changed,” Jassy said during his keynote. The resulting logs will be stored in Amazon’s S3 storage or archived in its Glacier service. And, in a nod to the broader ecosystem, Jassy said the tool will work with third-party logging tools like Splunk(s splk), Sumo Logic and Loggly.

Jassy also talked up the launch of a new AppStream service for mobile developers that he said they can use  to get high-quality HD video streaming, now available for preview.  AppStream will also capture user input and send it back to the cloud, Jassy said. The service will make use of Amazon’s new GPU instance. 

Oh, attention Citrix(s ctrx) and VMware(s vmw), Amazon also announced new Amazon WorkSpaces virtualization as a service. Jassy said WorkSpaces will relieve companies about worry of hardware, virtualization software and other issues that have hampered desktop virtualization adoption to date.

We’ll see about that.