BBM app support coming to Wi-Fi-only iOS devices today

BlackBerry(s bb) is planning to release an update to its popular BBM app today, which will allow users with Wi-Fi-only iOS(s aapl) devices to send and receive messages using the app. Previously, the app required cellular connectivity.

Head of BBM, Andrew Bocking confirmed the update to SlashGear on Wednesday, saying it would arrive “within 24 hours.” The BBM app has already proven to be significantly more popular than the company’s latest BB10 devices. The app saw more than 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours it was released.

With this update, BlackBerry will open BBM to a large potential audience, including iPod touch and Wi-Fi-only iPad users. BBM service over Wi-Fi is possible because the app isn’t tied to a particular phone number. BlackBerry has confirmed  there is no iPad-specific BBM app currently in the works, so you’ll have to use an enlarged version of the phone app. And there’s no word on an update to the Android(s goog) app to make it work on Wi-Fi only media players and tablets.

Still, as BlackBerry’s device sales continue to flounder, this could be another positive step for the services side of its business.