Gmail for iOS gains full screen portrait view on iPads, improved navigation options

Google(s goog) continues to improve its services on iOS(s aapl): On Thursday, an updated version of Gmail for iOS launched, bringing improved navigation, full-screen email views in portrait mode for iPads and full screen email composing. Landscape mode, particularly on the iPad, gets better too, says Google in a blog post announcing the update:

“If you hold your iPad in landscape mode, you’ll immediately notice the new left hand navigation bar, which allows you to quickly switch between inbox categories, or between multiple accounts, with a single tap. To help you get through your email faster, you’ll also see a new message counter for each category. “

For folks using Gmail with multiple accounts, it’s now easier to switch: The left navigation bar shows a Google+ pic for each account; just tap to switch. And you can set notifications up at the account level to help better manage signal from noise. And as a workaround for setting default apps in iOS, Gmail has an option to use Google’s own apps as needed when appropriate links are tapped in an email: Think Google Maps, Google+, and Chrome, for example.

The timing of the update is uncanny. Just yesterday, I outlined why I sold my Nexus 7 and replaced it with an iPad Air. The main reason is that you can be a pretty happy Google-centric person on iOS devices. Google’s latest Gmail for iOS update confirms my personal decision as it brings the experience closer to that of Gmail on Android.