Windows Server 2003 end of support: an opportunity to move to the cloud

On the surface, date-driven deadlines that mandate remediation are viewed in very different lights. One: glass half empty, a tax that must be paid to continue business as usual. The other: glass half full, an opportunity to change and reinvent the business onto an agile platform that provides a competitive advantage. The question: How do you deal with the inevitable?

In July 2015 Windows Server 2003 reaches the end of extended support.  Windows Server 2003 has been a workhorse for millions of applications around the globe. Estimates are that more than 10 million machines are still running WS2003. Given that a major release, Windows Server 2008, became available in 2008 and a minor update (Release 2) in 2010, it would be easy to project that more than 50 percent of Windows Servers in projection are running Windows 2003. Many enterprises didn’t begin deploying WS2008 until Release 2, leaving WS2003 as the Microsoft production server of choice for over seven years.  This is a long time during which enterprises were building and deploying apps to leverage the internet at a rapid pace.

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