buys cloudconnect just in time for Dreamforce crm) has purchased cloudconnect, a startup founded by Heroku and alum Adam Gross who is now, I guess, back in the fold.

The news was posted — with scant details — on cloudconnect’s web page which read:

“We are delighted to announce that cloudconnect is now part of Heroku, a company. As part of Heroku, the cloudconnect team will continue to pursue its mission of helping companies create great apps and experiences by connecting their customer data.”

There is no press release but a spokesman confirmed the acquisition and said to “stay tuned” for further details. Part of the news out of’s Dreamforce show kicking off Tuesday in San Francisco is the company’s increased emphasis on mobile applications and making its and Heroku platform-as-a-service offerings good venues for developing, deploying and distributing those mobile apps, whether they’re from itself or third parties. In that scenario, it looks like cloudconnect is a smart buy.

Update: I would bet that the acquisition has to do with the Heroku1 project mentioned briefly in last night’s press release. According to a new Heroku1 web site, this will be a new version of the Heroku PaaS “designed specifically for Salesforce. Heroku1 gives you everything you need to create, run and manage applications that connect your business to your customers.”

Heroku1 is in limited availability slated to go broad next year.

Hmmm. fields two PaaSes, one is the Salesforce ecosystem-focused and the second is the more broad-based multi-language Heroku. That dueling PaaS strategy has been confusing to some and now it looks like Heroku1 is a step toward resolving or rationalizing those differences. Of course, if Heroku1 becomes a PaaS, what’s up with

Cloudconnect aimed to give developers easy access to customer data — “unifying all CRM, social, and web data into a single database” — according to a brief write up on the Heavybit web site. Cloudconnect was part of the the Heavybit startup community founded by Heroku co-founder James Lindenbaum.

So, I guess we’ll be hearing more about this acquisition and what role Adam Gross will play back at the mothership starting tomorrow at’s annual Dreamforce show.

Note: This report was updated at 11:32 a.m. PST with details on Heroku1