Video review: Targus Versavu keyboard case for iPad Air

Last week, I provided a video look at the $99 Zagg Folio keyboard case I bought for my iPad(s aapl) Air. This week, I have another case to spotlight: The Targus Versavu keyboard case, which costs the same $99. I’m still happy with my Zagg Folio purchase for a number of reasons; some of which I cover in this video review. But no case is perfect for everyone and I see some reasons that make the Targus Versavu stand out from the crowd of iPad keyboard cases.


The most unique feature is the 360-degree swiveling hinge on the Versavu review unit provided by Targus. With it, you can use the keyboard case with your iPad Air in either landscape or portrait mode. And the keyboard itself slides out from the case, leaving you with a nice iPad Air stand so you can type while being farther away from the device. The multiple stand angles plus the 360-degree swivel hinge make the Targus Versavu a keyboard case worth considering for your iPad Air.

I find the keys a little spongy and small, plus I’m not a fan of the revised keyboard layout: I keep hitting the up-arrow instead of the Shift key. There’s no backlight under the keys either. So again, it’s not perfect for everyone. Those looking for versatility in typing both in portrait or landscape, however, will be happy.