Apple-Samsung “Groundhog Day” patent trial wraps up: verdict to come soon

The sequel to 2012’s blockbuster court fight over iPhone infringement came to a close on Tuesday as Apple(s aapl) and Samsung argued over a recount of the $1 billion in damages that a jury issued last year.

If you missed it, the smartphone makers have been back in court since last week for another round that the judge — who presided over the initial trial — described as “Groundhog Day.” The first time around, the jury miscalculated the damages for 14 patents.

This time, a new jury heard Apple argue that Samsung profited to the tune of $380 million while the Korean company says it should only have to pay $52 million (the numbers are on top of the approximately half a billion dollars Samsung owes from other patents in the first trial).

Court watchers predict a verdict will to come on Wednesday. Whatever the outcome, new demands for recounts and appeals are likely to follow.