Moga Ace game controller for iPhone, iPod touch ready to order for $100

Thanks to iOS 7’s(s aapl) support for game controllers, this holiday season should offer a few choices that add buttons and triggers to an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s or fifth-generation iPod touch. The first one of the gate could be Moga’s Ace: Pre-orders for the $100 accessory began on Tuesday. Apple’s store will also stock and sell the Moga Ace.


I have Moga’s Pro controller for my Android(s goog) devices and it works very well, so I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some iOS games with the Moga Ace. I like how I can see the entire screen while gaming with a hardware accessory.

The new Moga controller includes four action buttons, a directional pad, two sticks, and four bumper buttons. Unique to the Moga Ace is the way it collapses inward without an iPhone or iPod touch, helping to make it portable. When needed, the two sides slide out revealing a lighting port to dock an iOS device.

Moga hasn’t said when the controller will actually be available, and I haven’t been able to see one for myself just yet. The Gizmodo team did, however, and says that despite some shortcomings, the Moga Ace is “going to end up in a ton of stockings this year. It’s a lot of fun, and even only for a temporary amusement, it’s not a bad deal—especially considering how expensive iPhone accessories can be.”

Gizmodo says the controller will work best with games optimized for the hardware controls; I offer the same caveat for the similar Android product. So before considering a purchase, it may make sense to see which apps are best suited for buttons, D-Pads and joysticks.