Logitech launches $99 PowerShell Controller + Battery for iOS gaming

This must be the week to debut gaming controllers for iPhones(s aapl) and iPod touch devices. Yesterday, Moga announced pre-orders for its Mogo Ace Power device and on Wednesday, Logitech counter-punched by launching its PowerShell Controller + Battery. Logitech’s(s logi) accessory for iPhone 5, 5s and fifth-generation iPod touch is now available online for $99 at Best Buy and the Apple Online Store.

As the name implies, the PowerShell Controller + Battery includes an internal battery to keep your iOS 7 running after a long gaming session. The battery capacity is 1500 mAh and roughly doubles the run-time of your mobile device. To use the controller and charge your handheld, you simply insert it into the Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery as you would any case.


Gaming controls adorn the left and right side of your iPhone or iPod touch: There’s a D-pad, shoulder triggers and action buttons for gaming. Since the controller doesn’t fold up — the competing Moga unit does — this won’t fit in a pocket. But on the other hand, it does recharge your iPhone or iPod touch, which to me makes it a better value for the same price. On the flipside, however, there are no analog sticks which could be a big let-down to serious gamers.

I’ll look to get my hands on one of these in the coming days and report back on the controls and game experience.