“The Internet of meters”

Although the hype around the ‘Internet of Things’ may have reached fever pitch, the surface has just been scratched as to applications that will provide innovations and efficiencies. Many of these apps make their contributions by finding new ways to measure and optimize the performance of man and/or machine.

One such product that was rolled out last month optimizes man (or woman) and machine. LinkeDrive guides truck drivers in real time to drive at optimal efficiency given their vehicle, load, route and road conditions. The company was reported to have 11 customers and some angel funding at the time of its official product launch. At industry scale, its targeted savings of five cents per mile adds up.

The real-time processing of multiple, measured inputs for optimal output is a common model for new applications, with new sensor technology at the product’s core. (Stay tuned for an upcoming Gigaom Research report on sensors.) This seemingly low-tech high-tech of new and combined measurements is creating what could well be called an “Internet of Meters”.