Jury restores $290 million to Apple in retrial over Samsung patent infringement

A jury in San Jose awarded Apple(s aapl) $290 million in follow-up proceedings to last year’s “tech trial of the century” between the iPhone maker and Samsung.

The verdict, issued Thursday afternoon, comes at the end of a retrial over damages that was necessary after US District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the original jury erred in calculating the amount Samsung owed in relation to 14 patents tied to the iPhone.

Only abut half of the $1.05 billion that the first jury awarded Apple was in dispute. In recalculating the rest, Apple had asked for $380 million while Samsung said the value it obtained from the infringement was $52 million — Thursday’s verdict is largely a victory for Apple. Samsung is still on the hook for about $600 million from the original trial.

Reports from the court note that Judge Kohn is renewing the latest figures, and could adjust them by several million.

Samsung, which is in the process of appealing the original verdict, is likely to appeal Thursday’s verdict too. During the latest proceedings, the Korean company unsuccessfully asked for an emergency stay in light of a Patent Office finding that one of Apple’s patents may be invalid, and also asked for a mistrial over alleged racism.

The retrial didn’t attract the same level of hoopla as the original showdown, although reporters were quick to cover every detail, including the jury’s lunch order:

The jury, meanwhile, put in a final request to hold onto a part of the “iCourt” history: