Rackspace now provides auto-scaling

Rackspace announced new auto-scaling features in the wake of AWS re:Invent that took place last week.  Perhaps the announcements coming out of re:Invent made Rackspace feel a bit behind.  As in, this Rackspace news falls in into the “I thought they already did that” category.

As posted at Rackspace, “The biggest benefit of the cloud is its ability to scale. Today, we make that easier with Unlimited Availability of Rackspace Auto Scale—a new tool that empowers you to grow or shrink your cloud dynamically. The product is offered for free to Rackspace customers, though you will still be charged for the cloud servers you utilize in scaling.”

“Auto Scale” is triggered by Schedule-based and Event-based policies, each with its own unique features and functions.  Schedule-based is leveraged when you expect significant additional demand on your application at specific times.  Event-based is leveraged when you are monitoring your servers and detect that you need to add or reduce capacity based on the load.

What surprised me most is that Rackspace did not already have this functionality.  Most IaaS clouds provide auto- and self-provisioning, using different approaches.  It’s needed to provide the elasticity that people expect from IaaS clouds.  This news makes me wonder what other staple might be missing from Rackspace?