buys Cloudconnect

While the details are hard to come by, it’s clear that kicked off Dreamforce this week week by quietly completing the acquisition of Cloudconnect.  Cloudconnect is a startup founded by former employee Adam Gross.  Cloudconnect’s focus is on helping organizations connect cloud services and their data.

“Gross worked for for more than six years as the vice president of Platform and Developer Marketing. After leaving, he landed at Dropbox, where he was senior vice president of Marketing and Sales for about a year before becoming an investor and adviser of startups for nearly three years.”

The purchase of Cloudconnect fits in with’s strategy to make it easier for their cloud services to gather information from a variety of databases.  While there are many data integration solutions, perhaps this one has some features.

There are two possibilities here.  First, that Cloudconnect was running out of cash and asked to be acquired.  Second, that came after them to fill a strategic need.  I suspect both are kinda true, but we’ll learn more after additional details are released.