The silly native vs. web app ‘battle’ may finally be on the wane

The manufactured HTML5 vs. native war got a much needed dousing this week from the app development firm Telerik, which found that developers are increasingly embracing both strategies rather than choosing one side or the other. Telerik surveyed 3,500 tech workers around the world and reported that 51 percent of respondents favored either a hybrid approach or a single native platform with HTML to serve multiple platforms. Meanwhile, 40 percent said they had started building a native mobile app only to discover that HTML5 would do the job, and 31 percent said they had started creating an HTML5 mobile web or hybrid app but needed to switch to native. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in the mobile development space,” Telerik concluded.

It’s dangerous to read too much into one study, of course, and it’s worth noting that Telerik has a dog in the app-development fight. But these results certainly indicate the over-hyped battle between native and web-based mobile apps may be dying down. I wrote more than two years ago that web vs. native isn’t really a black-and-white struggle that will produce a clear-cut victor (at least not any time soon). Rather than choosing a side, savvy developers are increasingly using whichever technologies help them produce the best apps most efficiently. And that will only help the overall mobile app market.