Get ready for more Chromecast apps: Google to release SDK soon

Users of Google’s (S GOOG) Chromecast streaming stick could soon get access to many more apps: Google has invited developers to a Chromecast hackathon in early December to “test-drive the upcoming release of the Google Cast SDK” (hat tip to engadget).

The SDK necessary to develop apps for Chromecast has so far been in preview mode, and Google has only allowed developers to test their apps on their own devices, but not to distribute them to end users. Google’s argument for this restriction has been that the SDK wasn’t finished, and that the company didn’t want to frustrate end users and developers by introducing changes that could render apps inoperable.

But with developers now getting prepped for a release of the SDK, all of this could change soon. There are definitely plenty of developers waiting for Google to white-list them. Companies that have pledged Chromecast support include Revision3, Vevo, Vimeo (S IAC) and AOL, (S AOL) and all signs point to Plex supporting Chromecast in the near future as well.