Report: Google in talks with VSP Global for Google Glass frames, lenses

Google(s goog) has said it’s working on a solution for Google Glass wearers that require corrective lenses. Few details have surfaced so far, but the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Google is in talks with VSP Global to develop Glass that could help those with bad eyesight. The company is a national vision care provider and also makes frames and lenses. Google currently offers a snap-on sunglass shield for Glass so it’s possible it could re-use that approach with prescription lens wearers that also own Google Glass.

As someone who has worn glasses for more than 30 years — I’m on bifocals now — I’m anxiously awaiting any developments on how Google will handle Glass with corrective lenses. I currently wear Glass on top of my regular glasses and it’s simply not a great experience. I’m constantly adjusting Glass because it doesn’t sit well on the bridge of my nose; it’s sitting more on my actual glasses.

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Truly integrating Glass with prescription lenses is just one hurdle to adoption, of course. The current high price of $1,500 is a huge barrier, as is the idea of wearing a computer or display everywhere you go. Wearables are slowly gaining momentum, so the latter issue will go away over time. Dropping the price and properly supporting eyeglass wearers in the near-term could help boost adoption, however.