To Bitcoin and beyond: Virgin Galactic accepts virtual currency for space flight

A flight attendant from Hawaii bought her upcoming trip to space using Bitcoin, according to a blog post by Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

“Virgin Galactic is a company looking into the future, so is Bitcoin. So it makes sense we would offer Bitcoin as a way to pay for your journey to space,” wrote the British billionaire in the post, spotted by CoinDesk.

Branson also noted the rapidly-evolving world of online payments, and predicted new new models like Square, Clinkle and Bitcoin will become serious challengers to traditional banks.

Like many of Branson’s public pronouncements, the Bitcoin-to-space offer feels like marketing (though, hey, it worked …) more than serious news. But the billionaire’s interest in the currency also suggests that he is joining other wealthy individuals like the Winklevoss twins in taking a personal stake in Bitcoin.