What I did on Thursday: an IBM thinktank

I spent yesterday at an IBM ‘thinktank’ with a collection of IBMers, analysts, futurists, authors, and practitioners. We were ostensibly talking about cloud technologies, but more generally about the changing landscape of business — starting with small and medium, but finally moving in a non-segmented way across all business — as computing scale explodes. We focused on the computing scale in the background — in the cloud — but also touched on computing scale in the foreground — mobile devices — because they are both happening at once and in connection with each other.

It was very interesting for me to take a deep dive into the benthic depths of the cloud, since I don’t generally spend much time down there, so far under the hood of the applications that I spend most of my time analyzing.

When the talk turned to the application of this computing scale in the human condition, I was able to make some contributions. Below you see the rendering of part of a comment I made, which led to something I had never experienced before: spontaneous applause for a comment offered up as support — or refinement — of the topic that the session leaders were discussing.


I attempted to recapture that comment in Not Only Broken, But Dangerous, if you’d like to read the longer statement.

One of the interesting takeaways was that IBM has had to reorganize the way that they deliver value to clients because of the way that cloud technologies and services line up, which is so different that the pre-cloud architectures.

The meeting was held in New York’s Science House, which has raised the bar to a new gold level for such events. Rita J. King of Science House interviewed me, and I expect that will be available at some point for viewing.