HTC One goes for the gold

Thanks, Apple(s aapl). Since the arrival of the gold iPhone 5s, it seems like gold has quickly become this season’s it color for smartphones. And to that end, HTC just announced yet another new color variant for the HTC One, and, as you can probably guess, this one is gold.

This phone is not to be confused with the 18-carat, nearly $4000 gold model HTC introduced last month. This version of the phone is merely colored gold. It looks pretty enough, but at the end of the day, this is just a fresh coat of paint on a seven-month-old phone. The HTC One is still a lovely device, but continually introducing the phone in new colors isn’t going to make it shiny and new.

For now it looks like the phone will be available in Europe only, and HTC has yet to announce pricing. I’d expect it to sell for the same as its silver counterpart.