Revolv gets $4M for its universal hub aimed at the smart home

Revolv, the Boulder, Colo. startup that’s building a hub to unify all the connected devices in your home, has raised $4 million led by The Foundry Group. American Family Insurance and several existing investors also participated, bringing the startup’s total funding to $6.7 million.

Revolv, which launched its hub two weeks ago, makes a device that “speaks” several different radio protocols used inside home automation gear. The company offers an app that lets users control their many devices –from Hue light bulbs to Sonos music systems and connected wall outlets — in one place. Users can also set conditional rules that can set off certain scenarios when a person gets near their home or at a certain time of day. For example, I’ve set up the Sonos in my daughter’s bedroom to come on at 8:15 every night with her lullaby playlist. I can also add an instruction to turn her lamp off at that same time if it’s plugged into an automated outlet.

Revolv will use the money to hire more employees and continue adding support for more devices. As I wrote when rival (or possible partner) SmartThings raised a $12.5 million round earlier this month, the challenge for these companies hoping to be the control point of the connected home is rapidly supporting all of the devices users want to control. With more financing under its belt, Revolv has more opportunity to stay in the game and try to get ahead.