Soundrop, the of Spotify apps, is now also on Deezer

Collaborative listening platform Soundrop, which initially started out as a Spotify app, launched on the competing music subscription service Deezer Monday. Soundrop offers Deezer users access to tens of thousands of so-called social listening rooms, which offer up music streams curated by its community.

Many of these rooms are genre-based: Soundrop has rooms for Progressive Metal, Minimal House, K-Pop, Reggaeton and pretty much any other genre you can think of. Each of these rooms is programmed by its listeners, with options to vote on tracks before they’re played — think meets Reddit.

Soundrop lobby in Deezer

There are also a number of artist rooms, and Soundrop has been successful in teaming up with a number of producers and bands that have used the service to promote their music and interact with fans. For the launch on Deezer, it teamed up with Danish electro producer Trentemøller, and in the past, it also partnered with M.I.A., Enrique Iglesias and Robin Thicke.

Soundrop started out as an app on Spotify when the music service launched its app platform two years ago, and actually became the first Spotify app to attract major funding. But the Soundrop team long had the ambition to become more than just an app, and it took a first big step when it rebuilt its service from the ground up in Erlang, a real-time communications programming language.

The result was a much more flexible platform which allowed Soundrop to bring the same listening rooms that users were programming on Spotify first to the web and then to Facebook. Now, the Oslo-based startup took the next big step by bringing its platform to Deezer, the music subscription service that started out in France but has since expanded into 182 countries, and is looking to come to the U.S. market next.

Deezer has five million paying users, which makes it a close second to Spotify, and possibly a big source of new users for Soundrop: The collaborative listening platform currently has 150,000 active users per month, according to a spokesperson.