DoubleTwist’s music app gets optimized for tablets and KitKat

Long one of the top music apps for Android(s goog), thanks largely to its support for iTunes(s aapl) libraries and AirPlay, DoubleTwist has a new coat of paint and more features under the hood. The upgraded app for phones and tablets, now available in the Google Play store, works with Android 4.4 and is now optimized for Android tablets.

doubletwist tablet albums

The new user interface takes advantage of larger screened devices as needed; slide-out navigation bars, for example, are available. Album art and artist images look good on higher resolution devices as well. A new multi-select mode improves music controls and playback. And new Magic Radio stations can be created based on artists, albums or playlists with songs from DoubleTwist’s library of 13 million tracks.

Here’s a high-level list of the newest features:

  • Artist bios & images for a visually-rich music browsing experience
  • Multi-select mode for easier music management: you can now easily create new playlists, batch-add songs to the Play Queue, delete songs, etc.
  • Ability to launch Magic Radio stations directly from your music library: you can now easily create new Magic Radio stations while browsing your music library by Artist, Album, Song or Playlist
  • Navigation, album art and album search improvements
  • Free, ad-supported Podcast management for users who have not upgraded to doubleTwist Pro

The updated software highlights what Android developers can do by optimizing their apps for tablets with a sort of “universal app” approach. There’s only one app for smartphones and tablets here. With some extra work and the right support from Google’s Android SDK, DoubleTwist shows that really good apps can be even better on Android tablets.