Watch this: iQi wirelessly charges iPhones without the bulky case accessory

Last week, I noted an Indiegogo campaign for the iQi: A super-thin wireless charging accessory for iPhones(s aapl) and iPod touch devices that use Apple’s Lightning port. This week, I received an iQi review unit and wireless charging puck. After using it for two days with my iPhone 5s, I can tell you it works as advertised. But you have to see it to appreciate how it works: The iQi is only 0.5 millimeters thin, adding wireless charging without adding bulk.


Because the iQi is so thin, you need to use a soft case or cover with your iOS device in order to wirelessly charge it. Nobody would ever know the capability was there.

And the device probably works best with the Koolpuck charging pad because Qi charging is very particular where you place a device on a charging pad. I like how the Koolpuck sends audio feedback when your iPhone isn’t quite lined up right for charging. Of course, the iQi works with any Qi charging pad as I demonstrate in the video.

iqi in hand

As of now there are still four days left for the iQi Indiegogo campaign, so you can get a iQi for $25. Early bird deals for the iQi and Koolpuck priced at $50 are sold out, so they now cost $65. After using the iQi, I’m sold, mainly because of how well it works and the fact that I prefer very thin cases for my iPhone — if I have to use a case at all, that is.