meets government deadlines for fixes, says government — a long row to hoe

On Sunday morning, U.S. government officials proclaimed Sunday the troubled site  met internal deadlines set for improvements. Although that was a qualified statement since they still don’t know how it will perform under maximum weekday loads.  They had set a Nov. 30 deadline for fixing some of the most egregious issues around the website.

The whole sad saga shows the risks that accompany potential rewards from the Obama administration’s cloud-first push to streamline operations and save money. What it shows more than anything is that too many cooks is as much a problem in the cloud era as it is in any other realm of activity with

“We created this problem we didn’t need to create … and it’s of our own doing, and it’s our most important initiative,” President Obama reportedly said, according to The New York Times, quoting an unnamed advisor.

Part of the problem was attributed to Verizon’s(s vz) Terremark which hosts the site and will be replaced by Hewlett-Packard when that contract expires this spring. Now folks are taking bets on which contractor will be next to get the boot — with likely candidates including CGI Group(s gib), lead architect and QSSI, the subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group(s unh)  that handles personal identification data and mapping it to the right agency, according to the Motley Fool. 

In cloud, go deep, go big, or go home

Cloud as we have seen above, can be a darwinian landscape. And if you missed the week’s Structure Show, tune in to hear Jared Wray, the newly installed CenturyLink CTO of cloud provide his take on that — um — dynamic market. With Wray’s Tier 3 being acquired by CenturyLink, only a handful of privately held top-rated cloud providers remain including Joyent and Virtustream.

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