AllCast beta, like AirPlay for Android, goes live in the Play Store

Looking for an easy way to wirelessly stream local content from an Android(s goog) device to a connected television, video game console or even an Apple TV? Check out AllCast a beta app now available in the Google Play store: It works with Roku, Apple(s aapl) TV, Xbox(s msft) 360 and Xbox one, Samsung Smart TVs, and other devices that use DLNA.

We’ve covered AllCast before: It’s the brainchild of CyanogenMod team member “Koush”, a developer who had his app working with Google’s Chromecast as well. Unfortunately, that was based on Google’s Chromecast SDK and changes were made so that AllCast no longer works with a Chromecast.


The concept is similar however. Just find local content on your Android smartphone or tablet — think pictures or video — and hit the “cast” button. At that point, you can choose which device on your home network to view the content for playback.

Since the app is in beta status, you’ll actually have to follow these instructions to get it. Essentially, you first have to join a Google+ community before getting the download, which is a small price to pay for the functionality.