Clinkle nabs more former Netflix execs for leadership roles

Clinkle, a mobile payments startup that remains perhaps the most high-profile company in Silicon Valley with an unreleased product, has done it again: After tapping former Netflix(s nflx) CFO Barry McCarthy for a COO role in October, TechCrunch reports that the company has added Netflix’s erstwhile Qwikster head Andy Rendich as VP of Operations and HR hotshot Allison Hopkins as VP of Talent.

The influx of former Netflixers is a huge get, especially for a fledgling startup, but Clinkle’s cachet extends beyond traditional seed-stage startups. After raising a $25 million seed round on a cashless system idea for colleges, the company has been a magnet for Silicon Valley talent and celebrity investors alike, without sharing much about what the product will actually do — and with no clear timeline to launch. While word on the street indicates that Clinkle CEO Lucas Duplan has already soft-launched his system to a few campuses, the company has remained in deep stealth despite its high-profile recruiting measures.

But the recent hires do show that Duplan is focused on bringing experience into his high-level executive team — an asset that the 22-year-old CEO doesn’t yet have. Veterans could also help the charges levied against Duplan, particularly in one damning Quora post that ValleyWag uncovered last week that listed more than thirty departures from the Clinkle team and accused Duplan of an inability to manage thoughtfully. With an executive team that has many collective years running successful tech companies, Clinkle might have a better chance in fulfilling its monstrously high expectations.